COVID-19 Safety Measures


Post-COVID, at ātmaneem the safety of our guests is paramount. A number of measures have been taken to ensure the safety of our valued guests and employees.

We are ensuring a high level of hygiene and sanitation on the premises and amongst guests and staff.


Some important safety measures to follow prior to checking in:

  1. Please submit your a Double Vaccination certificate prior to check in.

We are following a number of safety measures inside the campus, including but not limited to:

  1. All personal luggage of guests will be sanitized before check-in
  2. Hand sanitization and screening for temperature with infra thermal gun is being done for every visitor
  3. Regular hand sanitization and wearing masks is mandatory for all the guests
  4. All essential items will be provided to every guest like a yoga mat, Sat Kriya kit, etc and the guests are required to use their own items provided by atmaneem throughout their stay
  5. Social distancing to be maintained in all the areas of our campus
  6. All staff members working in direct contact with the guest are staying inside the campus
  7. Doctors, therapists, physiotherapists, and therapy reception staff use face shields, masks, hand gloves during duty hours
  8. We use disposable items wherever possible
  9. Common areas including all therapy blocks, reception, are sanitized regularly.
  10. All treatment rooms and equipment are sanitized after every treatment
  11. The doctor’s chamber, tables, chairs, examination table are sanitized and disposable bedsheets are changed after every guest’s consultation
  12. Physiotherapy and reflexology treatments are being done with proper hand sanitization and the disposable bed sheets are being changed after every treatment
  13. All guest rooms including bathrooms are sanitized on a daily basis
  14. All vegetables, fruits, and groceries are cleaned and sanitized properly before use
  15. The kitchen staff wears masks, caps, and gloves during their duty hours
COVID-19 Safety Measures